Thanks. And Sorry: The Chuck Mosley Movie


This is my latest filmmaking passion project on the late great and one of a kind Chuck Mosley.

Background on Chuck

For those who are curious, Chuck Mosley was the frontman of Faith No More for their first two albums, as well as frontman for Bad Brains, Cement, VUA, Primitive Race, and Indoria.

Meeting Chuck

My friendship with Chuck began when my friends Thom Hazaert (EMP Label Group) and Douglas Esper (Chuck’s manager/percussionist/babysitter) suggested Chuck use me as his guitar player while on tour in mid 2017. This led to myself and now fiance’ attending one of Chuck’s shows in Indianapolis. We were blown away by the performance. After the show we walked up to say hey to Chuck and we just absolutely hit it off from the get go. Five minutes later we were being treated to Chuck’s life story and I couldn’t get enough of it. He was such a warm hearted beautiful soul and I couldn’t wait to play with him.

Joining Chuck

Chuck, Doug and I kept in touch. I learned the songs and they brought me, along with Cris Morgan,  on probably the funnest 5 show run I have ever done. It was such a delightful time and the jokes were hysterical. Doug would almost say everything using the voice of the Batman villain Bane and it just made everything a billion times more hysterical and then Chuck started doing it and we all just completely lost our minds with laughter.

Befriending Chuck

I had gotten to know Chuck really well on the tour. He would call me up regularly and we would greet eachother with our Bane voice. Chuck wanted to bring me on the upcoming tours. These tours were ’30 shows in 30 days’ kind of tours. I did everything I could to try and make sense of it so that I could make it work at least for a few dates, I had just started a new day job at this time. I was also backed up with loads of promo video work. Though I wasn’t able to perform with Chuck on the tours, he understood and we still kept in touch. He would periodically fill me in on how it was going and how he was feeling, which wasn’t very good.

During one of our conversations I brought up the fact that perhaps we should do a documentary on his life. With him telling me all these stories about his upbringing, odd jobs, and music career, it fascinated me to no end and I thought it would make an incredible film.

One day he left me a voicemail, using our Bane voice, that he wants to move forward with the documentary. You can hear the voicemail here.

Losing Chuck

A week later Chuck Mosley had passed away from the disease of addiction. I, along with everyone else who he had crossed paths with were absolutely crushed. Chuck meant a lot to the world and meant the world to a lot, including myself and my fiance’.

Missing Chuck

To this day it is still incredibly hard to hear his voice and his songs. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Chuck. I love you and miss you, buddy.

The film is being directed and edited by myself and produced by Douglas Esper. We’re currently filming interviews. So far we have Faith No More producer Matt Wallace.

In July 2018, we will be shooting and scheduling a lot more interviews. I am hoping to have a trailer ready before the end of the year.