Throughout the 4 years it took to make the film, I had cut together many trailers to ensure people that work was actually getting done on it. Ask Stevie Rachelle (Metal Sludge, Tuff). He actually yelled at me for putting out too many trailers! The early trailers (#1 and #3) were cut together back when this project was still being created as a studio documentary. 95% of the footage I shot at the studio for said studio documentary did not get used and all that ended up in the film from the studio footage was merely a small montage. A fun and stressful peak inside filmmaking right there. You can read more about the film in the Trivia section on this site.

Trailer #1

Trailer # 2… I have no clue what happened to this one.

Trailer #3

Theatrical Trailer

Final Theatrical Trailer

Final Theatrical Trailer featuring Dee Snider narration